RUDRAKSHA - Tips for care

RUDRAKSHA - Tips for care

RUDRAKSHA - Tips for care

- First of all a person who wants to wear a Rudraksha shoud make sure of the type of Rudraksha which is the most suitable and ideal for him taking in to account his problems or desires for which he wants to wear Rudraksha. Rudraksha beads help astrologically also, however they only pacify planets, so can be worn irrespective of birth chart details.

- While purchasing a Rudraksha one should make sure thet he is purchasing a genuine Rudraksha only otherwise he will not get the desirable effects. One of the best way is to purchase a Rudraksha from some authentic source only and not from any street or newbie vendors.

-The beads do not work at all if not strung correctly. So one should purchase from vendors who are aware of Rudraksha Science Therapy. The best of best Rudraksha becomes neffective if strung the wrong way.

- While wearing a Rudraksha for the 1st time, it is advisable to get them energized with a prper Puja (Pran Pratishta). Those living in Western countris should buy from authentic vendors who do the Puja before sending to get the maximum benefitial effects.

- Rudraksha beads are worn as pendants and bracelets on wrist or upper arm. They may also be kept in the Puja room for benefit of entire family. However gives maximum results in terms of healthand emotional balancing.

- A Rudraksha mala, bracelet or a pendant can be made using gold, silver, copper or simple thread.

- A Rudraksha mala should be cleaned once a month after soaking in tap water for 15 - 18 hours. Use a hard plastic bruch to remove any dust or impurities. One should never use a strong detergent or very hot / boiling water.

- Avoid wearing beads during bath as the soap and grime enters the pores of beads and are difficult to clean. Also those who wear Rudraksha should avoid Talcum powder as it enters the pores.

- One may periodically apply sandalwood oil and white sandal paste to the Rudraksha bead so that they remain shiny and perfumed. Rudraksha beads are very strong and if a proper care and cleaning is done and if protected from getting physically damaged, these beads can be passed on from one generation to another.

- A person can wear combinations of different mukhis and also mala or bracelets of multiple numbers of the same mukhi.

- Rudraksha beads are a product of nature. Hence they vary in their size and colors even if they are identical in Mukhas (facets). However this variation of siz and colors does not increaves / decreases the effectiveness of this divine bead.

- Children may also wear Rudraksha depending on the nature of their emotional and heath concerns. They respond to Rudraksha faster than adults and it makes their growing years smoother.

- Rudraksha sould not be worn while attending a funeral.

- It is recommended to avoid wearing beads during sexual intimacy.

- The best way is to keep the Rudraksha in Puja place before going to sleep and wear the same next morning only after taking a bath. It is recommended to avoid wearing the beads at night as they are uncomfortable to wear during sleep and may break.

-Authentic ancient texts do not mention any taboos on wearing these beads. They may be worn while eating non veg, drinks, toilet hours, menstrual cycle for ladies provided the beads are kept in hygienic state and one does not touch the beads eith soiled fingers.

- Family members should not keep interchanging Neck Malas, Japa Malas or Rudraksha beads. The bond created between a wearer and Rudraksha is based on frequency tuning and hence the wearer must not share her / his Rudraksha with a third party as they lose energy on prolonged contact with a different body and need to be energized again. But it can be willed and passed on to the next generation.