Time duration for effect of Rudrakshas

Time duration for effect of Rudrakshas

Time duration for effect of Rudrakshas

There is no instant gratification. If a person who weighs 240 pounds, out of shape, just because he started dieting and walking or attending Gym from the last few days, can not expect to become slim and trim within a week. It takes time.

The distinction should be made between how much effect a given item is having versus how much effect you notice and how muh your body can stand.

The initial effects of loosing negative energies, releasing stress, release of body pain and ache and ablusion of some negative karmic thoughts is quite fast within a week and later the changes in the outside world follow depending on how fast you catch on to the positivity building up and use it to create a good change.

Replace your negative thoughts with positive thoughts, and avoid needless monkey chatter of the brain by replacing it with japa or mantra recital. This process will help in speeding up the process.

In most cases it has been observed that beads strung zccording to Rudraksha Science Therapy start showing effects in 48 - 72 hours. However this time duration may be more for some people who are less sensitive or have deeper routed issues that take time to clear.

For each Yantra or Rudraksha one adds on the body, the body has to make adjustments. Probably one may notbe aware of these adjustments but they take place nonetheless. Often it is both subtle and "delayed" (meaning that you don't notice until it is "obvious"). It may be even a slight feeling of euphoria.

What isn't obvious is that our brain, chakras, Nadi systems, subtle bodies and otherneuro physiological mechanisms takes a great deal of pranic energy to run and adjust. The rudrakshas or other beads are disproportionate in their overall size compared to the rest of our body, but of course proportionate to what it does.

This additional energy fields needs time to integrate with the fiels already running (your "native" fields), jewelry (some stones you already have) or items, and the energyit takes to dissipate and / or neutralize "hostile" fields such as electromagnetic, karmic attachments, self generated negative thoughts, etc.

Hence some times it may takes weeks or a month or two to notice the changes. But this process can be speeded up by keeping one pure, japa, surrender and a feeling that lets one say "let your (divine) will be by will".