FAQs on Rudraksha

FAQs on Rudraksha

FAQs on Rudraksha

How do we choose a good Rudraksha?

Many get confused with the shape and size of Rudraksha. One should not seriously worry about it. Just see that the mukhi is well defined, corns and contours are natural, and there are no cracks near the central hole. The bead has to be lustruous and healthy and devoid of deep cracks and insect holes.

How do the beads work?

Rudraksha beadswork on different chackras of human body as well on different planets and invite blessings from Gods. They work best when worn on body. Touching skin is not necessary for Rudraksha beads to show effect. But method of wearing is very important. Just a gem work when worn on specific fingers, similarly Rudraksha work when worn at specific parts of the body in a specific manner. This knowledge is used by Healing Matrix to make powerful combinations.

Do Rudraksha suit all skins?

Rudraksha is hot in nature. Some people cannot wear it. Their skin shows signs of allergy. In that case you may keep the carry beads with you in your purse or bag or keep near work table or Puja room.

People ask: can ladies wear?

Yes, they can.According to our holu books, Rudraksha an be worn at all times by everybody.

Is that only Hindus can wear?

No, all can wear. Ancient texts have not limited wearing of these beads to any caste, religion or sex. Some ancient texts also talk of animals wearing them and achieving salvation.

Non-veg and alcohol have become the part of our food. Are we therefore disqualified to wear Rudraksha?

Make Rudraksha a par of your body. Your faith will bring grace in your life. Slowly you will find that you are moving away from non-veg and alcohol.

What is the life of Rudraksha beads?

Could be any number of years. If well protected, can be passed on from generation to generation.

Can we wear in ring?

No, please avoid. Hands get dirty often. Purity of the bead gets affected.

Does it bring luck?

Yes, Shiva Purana specially describe that Lakshmi stays where Rudraksha is.

Does it have any medical use?

Yes. Rudraksha is classified as a seed of ELEAEOCARPAEAE family and has many medicinal properties. It is widely used in preparation of Ayurvedic medicines.

We read in Puranas that Rudraksha are to be worn in different numbers on the different parts of the body like neck, both wrists, both fore arms, waist, abdomen, etc. What s the purpose?

The different number of beadsspecified is for malas and bracelets having all same mukhis.The specific count is basically more needed for acquiring special siddhis during mantra japa. When wearing mix of different mukhis, count is not important. Beads work very well on arms and writs and many even be worn on waist, neck and forehead after consulting an expert.

Is Rudraksha therapy effective?

Yes. Very much. Only the therapist should be a well experienced person. Rudraksha beads work on physical, emotional and planetary and karmic levels to heal a person and this kind of healing is most deep rooted.