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Sulfur is a mineral with antirheumatic and purifying properties. It is extremely effective in alternative and natural medicine, especially in the South American countries, where its use is very common today. It is a medicine inherited from the Italians.

In fact, sulfur has been used as a purifying element in Europe since antiquity. A good example of its use is the thermal baths, whose waters rich in this element make them so healing. They absorb the static electricity from the body that may have been generated for various reasons. After the absorption of this electricity, the bars produce clicks and sometimes even crack. In this case, the sense of relief is instantaneous.

They absorb negative eneergia, moisture in the contracture and air in pain. They clean, purify and balance the organism. They eliminate the negative radiations that are absorbed by electrical appliances. They clear and unlock the chakras before the Reiki sessions.


Contractions, muscle pain, localized discomfort, menstrual pains, migraines, chronic back pain, kidney and joints, rheumatism, arthrosis, headaches, torticollis, blockages due to stress, anxiety, tiredness, Reiki sessions, etc.

- Apply on clean skin.

- Place the bar on the part of the body affected by the pain and press gently while rotating the bar in a massage.

- When passing the bar, you will hear small clicks in certain zones, which indicates that the sulfur is absorbing the electrostatic charge of the zone.

- The massage may continue until you no longer hear clicks.

- If the bar breaks, the negative energy was absorbed and the pain was relieved in the application zone.

- The bar can be reused whole or broken, however, the pieces of sulfur must be prevented clean in water for 10 to 15 minutes.

- The smaller pieces should be removed.

- Do not apply to areas of the body with external wounds or irritations.

- Do not apply with creams or lotions.

- Apply gently.

Box with 3 cylindrical bars, 7 cm high and 1.9 cm in diameter.

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