Aleppo soap (Savon d'Alep) - 25% bay leaf (laurel) extract

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Premium quality hand cut olive oil and laurel soap. 100% natural hand made soap. Aleppo range of traditional soaps are made by hand in the oldest inhabited city in the world. Natural ingredients, and hundreds of years of tradition and expertise go into creating this soft, creamy soap renowned for its efficacy. Unlike most "high street" soaps it contains no animal fats. Aleppo traditional bars are not moulded or polished. They contain no unnecessary additives or animal fats just mild luxurious soap made from olive oil with the addition of bay leaf (laurel) extract. It comes in extra large hand-cut bars weighing around 200g. You can easily cut them into smaller bars if you wish.

Benefits: Deep cleansing, antiseptic, hates spots and pimples; leaves skin clean and fresh; mild, natural olive/bay fragrance; no synthetic perfumes; great for use as shampoo, leaves hair squeeky clean; suitable for all skin types; soft, creamy lather ideal for shaving too; extremly long lasting. It is also recommended for people suffering for eczema, psoriasis and acne.This soap is excellent when used with a loofah or exfoliating fiber mitt. 200g.

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