Application of passes

Application of passes

Application of passes

The Pass is the transmission of fluids from one person to another (magnetic) or the (spiritual) guide to a person who is sick or laden with bad fluids. The passes can be cleaning, discharging, replacement of magnetism for healing, disobsession, etc.

The pass is highly effective and excellent aid in cases of physical illness or mental and mental disorders of patients with obsession.

It is not with a single pass that one will actually cut off the connection with the obsessor, cure of common ailments or completely clean the aura of the patient. At least 7 to 8 sessions are required with some regularity to achieve a satisfactory or positive result.

The pass should always be on-site. The distance pass is an alternative that in ideal conditions can present results almost as satisfactory as those obtained when the patient and the passer are physically in the same environment. Since these ideal conditions are difficult to verify, their results are, for the most part, unsatisfactory.

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