Oil Barbarian Fig Seeds - BIO - 10ml

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Barbarian Fig Seeds BIO Oil  is the most powerful anti-wrinkle in the world, almost miraculous. It erases fine lines and wrinkles and has a tightening effect on skin.

Did you know? To make one liter of this oil prickly pear (5 times more powerful than Argan oil which is nevertheless the reference of natural anti-aging products), it is need 800 kg of Barbarian figs, making it the most expensive oil in the world.

Recommendations for use

Every night at bedtime, apply a drop of seed oil of prickly pear on the area to treat (around the eyes, lips, wrinkles) and massage with fingertips to face and neck to make it penetrate.

This is is a dry oil, quickly absorbed and has a very nice parfum. 

Ingredients: Opuntia ficus indica seed oil (100% seed Barbarian fig oil) - 10 ml

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