Laxmi wealth box


Laxmi wealth box

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Laxmi is the goddess of wealth and prosperity and blesses Her devotees with new opportunities and sources of income.

The metal box contains 27 energized black chirmi seeds and a large Nepal 7 mukhi energized Mahalaxmi Rudraksha, for attracting Goddesses Laxmi and Kali.

Black chirmi represents Maa Kali and has Her power. Black chirmi seeds are naturally grown in Forest of Aravali Mountains in India and find references in ancient texts.

Black chirmi seeds are used to ward off evil, bring good luck and protect the user from physical harm by taking the abuse upon themselves.

Since the Goddess of wealth, Mahalaxmi, stays near these beads (7 mukhi rudraksha belongs to Laxmi), the box should be be kept in cash box, lockers, purse, wallet, money safe, altar or office work-desk.

Dimensions of the decorative brass container:
- Height - 3,6 cm
- Width - 3,8 cm
- Weight - approx. 30 g

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