Rhodonite will show both sides of an issue and encourage you to decide on the correct path for you at that time and place. It is an emotional balance and brings down the very high levels and lifting up the very lows to a natural equilibrium. This stone clears and activates the heart chakra. It grounds energy, balances the Yin and Yang elements. It will guide you through meditation. When worn Rhodonite activates the pineal gland, aligns the chakras and removes blockages to clear chakra energy flow. This stone is particularly appropriate for helping emotional healing of all kinds.

Rhodonite heals emotional shock and panic, lending you a supportive energy during the processes. It clears away emotional wounds and scars from abuse and self destruction. This stone brings to the surface embedded feelings that you don't need like anger, abandonment, betrayal, resentment, fear and terror from past and present issues and helps you remove them. Rhodonite will help you forgive your self and others and help you to reconcile these issues so that you are able to move forward into a happy and bright future. Rhodonite shows you that revenge is a self destructive feeling and will help you remain calm in upsetting situations by building up confidence and clearing confusion.

Rhodonite relieves insect bites, heals wounds and most important of all it will help reduce the scaring that can result. It will help with bone growth and the hearing organs. Rhodonite treats emphysema, inflammation of joints, arthritis, autoimmune diseases, stomach ulcers and multiple sclerosis. Crystal water can be used in cases of shock and trauma.

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