The garnet is a red (sometimes slightly purple-red) stone and is used for healing, protection and strength. It is associated with strength. It strengthens the aura and creates a shield of protection for its wearer.
Garnet is the "Stone of Love and Devotion." Garnets are the January Birthstone. Garnet is also the Zodiac stone for the constellation of Aquarius.
Garnet is the magical substitution for ruby. Garnet is said to inspire romantic love, passion, stability, sensuality, sexuality, intimacy, fertility, persistence, stamina, survival, passion, intimacy, power, empowerment, positive thoughts, inspiration, energy, personal success, career success, social popularity, self confidence, motivation, assertion, ambition, respect, fame, glory, renown and increase productivity.
Garnets were once exchanged by parting friends to ensure they met again. Garnet is also an important stone of romantic love and passion! It is used in metaphysics to enhance sensuality, sexuality, and intimacy.
It can also assist mystically with success in one's career and building one's self-confidence. It is also a protective energy stone which is especially effective for protection from evil, and is used for gentle spiritual healing.
The flash and fire of Garnet inspires a sense of lightness and brightness, illuminating to dark places and dark souls. Garnet is a good stone for depression, bringing joy and hope to its user, and helps lessen anger, especially towards oneself.
Garnet's fire stimulates the survival instinct, bringing willpower and courage to a situation. Garnet will quickly "light a fire" under you, bringing those internalized ideas and feeling you have to the surface to be acted upon and carried out.
Powerful Garnet can cleanse the chakras of negative energies and reenergize them. Use Garnet to balance the Sacral Chakra and sex drive, and to aid in the controlled rise of Kundilini energy. Garnet inspires love and passion, devotion and loyalty.
A stone of commitment, Garnet encourages personal relationships of all kinds, and is a useful relationship tool both personally and in business.

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